What is temp work?

Temp work is when you work temporarily for a company through a temp agency. It can range from one day to several months. In Belgium, licensed temp work agencies must offer this service. Temporary employment is usually used to replace permanent employees, temporarily handle extra work, or for special projects.

Temp work is simply a temporary job. The temp agency is your employer and they dispatch you to a company. Nowadays, many temp jobs are stepping stones towards a permanent contract later. That means you can work for that company indefinitely after having worked as a temp worker for a while. In temp work, you are hired by a temp agency to work temporarily at another company. That temporary period can range from one day to several months or years. 

The main things about temp work are:  

  • It is temporary work.  

  • It is a legal way of making workers available.  

Please note that only authorized temporary work agencies are allowed to do this in Belgium!  

Temp work involves three parties:  

  • The temp agency, which hires you and lends you to another company for temp work.  

  • You, the agency worker, who enters into a contract with the temp agency to work for another company.  

  • The company where you work, which hires the temp agency to temporarily employ an employee. 


The law says in which cases temp work is allowed, namely:  

  • To replace a permanent employee.  

  • When there is a temporary increase in work. So when there is more work than usual. 

  • Exceptional work: For special jobs that are not part of normal work (e.g. fairs, relocations...).  

  • Inflow: If a company has a vacancy, they can also hire a temp worker to perform that job, with the intention of hiring that temp worker permanently after a positive evaluation. Example: A construction company hires a temp worker as a temporary welder for a specific project, with the intention of hiring the agency worker permanently if they are satisfied with his performance. 

  • On artistic assignments for an occasional employer. Example: A theater company hires temp actors for a one-time theatrical performance. 

  • For long-term unemployed workers in approved employment programs. Example: The government matches long-term unemployed people with temp work in various sectors through temporary employment to gain work experience and increase their chances of permanent employment. 


What can you do as a agency worker? 

You can try out all kinds of different jobs and thus learn a lot in various sectors. Together with the temp consultant(s), you can look for a job that suits you. If necessary, the temp consultant(s) can even offer you training to improve your skills. By the way, this is possible through Travi!