A few reasons to use Interiminfo.be


Interiminfo provides an answer to all questions about temporary agency work

Interiminfo.be is the first learning platform about temporary agency work. That was necessary, because even though a lot of information about temporary agency work can be found online, the information is very fragmented. Although Interiminfo.be was made for young adults, the platform is available to everyone. For example, job coaches and temporary employment agencies regularly use the website themselves, and they use the platform as a one-stop-shop for everything related to temp work.


Fair and neutral

Interiminfo.be intends to inform. In order to do this as effectively as possible, we consulted experts from the entire HR landscape: temporary employment consultants, counselors, local authorities, trainers, trade unions, lawyers,... After various sessions with on the one hand a practical and on the other a legal working group Interiminfo.be was born. This way you can be sure that what is on Interiminfo.be is correct, but also neutral.


Go as fast or as slow as you want!

If you have a quick question about temp work, Interiminfo.be is the right place for you. But if you want to become an expert in temp work, you will also find your thing with us. That is why our website has two sides: the front page that is full of quick blog posts, and a learning platform behind the login. You are at the wheel, so you choose the pace yourself. And if you want to change up the pace every once in a while, use the search function within the learning platform.


For young people - with the help of young people

The platform is made for young people, but also by young people. We held two workshops to gauge the opinions of HR students. They formulated their feedback about the content, but also about the look. HR students can view the website from two perspectives: that of a young person, but also that of a temporary employment consultant or HR professional. We also called on the advice of Pimento, the knowledge center within the Chirojeugd Flanders network, on how best to communicate with young people. Finally, we hired Wablieft to read the e-learning.


Always room for improvement

The labor market is constantly changing, so Interiminfo.be has to do the same. It is important to us that the information on the website remains relevant and correct. Do you discover an error or do you think we have forgotten something? Let us know via the contact form. We then ensure that what is skewed is put right again, and what is missing will be added.