About us

Who's behind Interiminfo.be?


Interiminfo.be is an initiative of Travi, the expert in training temporary workers and candidates. Travi supports employment agencies in the field of training. This is useful for you as a jobseeker, because when temp agencies invest in you, it can give a significant boost in your further career. In addition, Travi also plays the role of bridge builder between temp agencies and job coaches. That way, people who are being guided by a job coach find their way to temp agencies and their vacancies more quickly.


And because Travi is an expert in temp work, it is logical that they founded Interiminfo.be. They did this as part of their youth project Welqome. That project, in turn, serves to give job-seeking young people throughout Belgium a helping hand in their search for a job. How does Welqome do that? With events, job dates, training and online tools. Interiminfo.be fits perfectly in the latter category.


The Welqome team consists of Leila Van der Mauten (project manager) and Jill Hamoir (project officer). You can get in touch with them in different ways:


  • Are you a (young) jobseeker and do have a question about temporary agency work? - Ask your question via the contact form.
  • Are you a temp consultant or job coach and do you want to work with Welqome? - Click here!