My colleague with a permanent contract gets a free pass for public transport and I don’t, is this possible?

Woohoo! You've landed a job! You are eager to start your new job as a temporary worker. You notice that it is easy to get to work by public transport and so you take the train. After a few weeks, you realise that public transport does not work for free and this cost weighs heavily on you. In the lunchroom, you overhear a conversation between colleagues that their travel passes are paid for by their employer. You don't ask yourself any questions because you are only a 'temporary worker'. Or are you entitled to a travel pass after all?

Hold on, there is no such thing as "just a temp"! As a temporary worker, you have as many duties, but also as many rights as a permanent employee. If a permanent employee is reimbursed for his commute, so are you! The employer does not always pay the full amount: that depends on the sector in which you work, or sometimes even the company.

If you are not compensated for your commute, contact your temp agency and they will make sure that this is arranged for you.

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