If I work part-time as a temporary worker, am I still entitled to unemployment benefits?

If you receive unemployment benefits, you will receive it for the days on which you are not working. At the end of the month you submit your C3, or your 'blue card', to your union, auxiliary fund or the RVA, and afterwards you will receive your benefit. But what happens if you work as a temporary worker for a few days? Or if you work part-time as a temporary worker?

If you start working, it is for a certain number of hours per week. This can be full-time, for example 38 to 40 hours a week. You can also work part-time. That means you work fewer hours than the maximum number of hours worked in the company, such as 30 hours, while your full-time colleague works 38 hours.

If you work part-time, those hours can be divided in different ways: either you work full days, or you just work fewer hours on all working days. But what about your benefits?

If you really want to know everything about this, it is best to contact the RVA. They are the ones who decide on your benefit. Here you will find all information about benefits during part-time work.

A few scenarios are:

  • You work a few days a week, but not all of them: Then it's simple. On your 'blue card' (C3) you color in the boxes for the days you worked. You will not receive benefits on those days, because you have already received wages.
  • You work every day, but shorter. For example 6 hours a day instead of 8 hours: You can then 'work part-time while retaining rights'. In this scenario, you will receive wages for the hours you work, but the RVA will match the other hours with a benefit. For this you continue to fill in your 'blue card' (C3), but some other documents are needed. You can read what those are here. Please note: You can only claim this if you do not work part-time voluntarily. In other words, if you would actually like to work full-time, but have accepted a part-time job to be able to work anyway.

Do you definitely want to be in order with your paperwork, but you are not sure where to start, or how this all works? Then unions or the HVW will help you on your way.




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