How do I react when my boss offers me undeclared work?

Your boss is satisfied with your work and even wants you to work more! They want you to work extra hours, but only undeclared, because this way they can "pay you a little extra and it will be more profitable for you and for them". What do you do with this?

Let's start at the beginning, what’s undeclared work again? Undeclared work is a form of social and fiscal fraud. With this type of fraud, you and your employer do not pay social contributions and taxes. One of the biggest disadvantages of undeclared work is that because the government doesn’t know that you are working, you are not insured either! So if an accident happens at work and you’re not insured, you will not be compensated for this and you will have to pay your medical expenses yourself.

Moreover, with undeclared work you don’t acquire any social rights. For example, the days you have worked will not be included in your pension.

If you work undeclared and your employer doesn’t pay you, you are powerless. The work is not declared and therefore you have no proof of the hours you worked. If your employer doesn’t pay you, you are in fact working for him for free, which of course cannot be the intention.

Your employer can be heavily sanctioned for offering undeclared work, but you can also be punished. You risk a temporary suspension of unemployment compensation. So if you drop without a job, you will have no chance of getting a social benefit. In addition, you may also be fined up to EUR 2.000.

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