Do I have the right to social leave as a temporary worker?

Your child is sick, your house is flooded, you are summoned by the court... In short, you cannot go to work because something has happened that requires your intervention. For that, there is a special type of leave: social leave or leave for compelling reasons. As a temporary worker, you also have the right to this.

Leave for compelling reasons serves for those moments when an event forces you to take leave. It's already in the name. If you work full-time, you are entitled to a maximum of 10 days of social leave. If you work part-time, that number of days is recalculated based on your work schedule. For example, if you work 4/5, you only have 8 days, for 3/5 it's 6 days, and so on.

What are compelling reasons?

  • Illness, accident, or hospitalization of someone you live with or a family member who lives alone.
  • Damage to your home or belongings caused by fire, burglary, or a natural disaster.
  • When you are summoned by the court for a case in which you are a party.
  • Events agreed upon with your employer as being compelling.

Your employer can and may ask for proof of the compelling reasons. Therefore, it's important to keep all supporting documents, such as damage reports, medical certificates, etc.

Not every reason is considered compelling. For example, a routine dental visit or a parent-teacher meeting are not considered compelling.

How do you request it?

As a temporary worker, you request it through the temporary employment agency. If you know in advance that a compelling reason is coming up, such as a court case, you do it beforehand. If you don't know in advance (due to illness, an accident, or a natural disaster), you do it as soon as possible.

Is social leave paid?

Usually, social leave is unpaid. However, some companies make exceptions to this rule. To know for sure, it's best to consult the labor regulations or ask your employer.

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