Can I take training courses while I'm looking for a job?

It's a great idea to take some training while you're looking for a job. By doing so, you're upgrading yourself, and that increases your chances of getting a job. But who do you go to for that?

There are many different places you can go for training. Evening classes are one option, but there are shorter and more job-oriented ways.

  • Goodhabitz's online training courses
    Goodhabitz is the Netflix of education. You will find training on subjects such as job applications, sales, personal development, safety, administration, ... you name it! These are paying courses for everyone else, but if you're under 26 you can get them for free as a gift from Welqome. Click here to claim your free login.
  • Via the temp agency
    Temp agencies can train candidates for free thanks to Travi and Welqome. So if you need a training before you can start in a certain job, your temp consultant can set you up.
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