Can I bring someone to a job interview?

Imagine that you are applying for a position in logistics. The interviewer asks you about your weaknesses. You open your mouth but are soon interrupted by your mom: "Arriving on time, that's not his/her thing!" Um, embarrassing.

During a job interview, it is the intention that YOU answer the questions asked. After all, it's about your future job. Obviously, you wouldn't want your mommy to suddenly interrupt you and take over the conversation. It is therefore best not to bring anyone with you to a job interview. Not even anyone who can be kind of a wing man for you.

There are some exceptions:

  • For example, when you bump into a language barrier. In this case you can bring an interpreter with you.
  • If you have a hearing impairment, you can go to the job interview with a sign interpreter.
  • The same applies if you would like to come with a guide dog because of a (visual) limitation. Because it is an extension of yourself, you can also take it with you.
  • Finally, in some cases it can help if you bring your program counselor or job coach. They often know how to 'sell' you to a recruiter.

Are you still in doubt? Just ask the recruiter or consultant if it's okay for someone to accompany you.

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