An occupational accident as a temporary worker, how does that work?

If you have an occupational accident as a temporary worker, how should you proceed? And what is an occupational accident exactly?


Prevention and Interim, the central prevention service for the temporary employment sector, knows all about it. Their mission is to reduce the number of occupational accidents among temporary workers and protect their health.

What is an occupational accident?

There are 5 criteria that determine whether an accident is also considered an occupational accident. We refer to an occupational accident when:

  1. There is a sudden event,
  2. Resulting in an injury,
  3. Caused by one or more external factors,
  4. With a causal relationship between the accident and the injury,
  5. Occurring during and as a result of the execution of the employment contract.

Are you insured for occupational accidents?

Yes! If you work as a temporary worker, you are insured through the staffing agency that employs you. It is also their responsibility to report an occupational accident to the insurer.

What should you do in case of an occupational accident? It all starts with the onboarding process. You should receive all the information about what to do when you start working for a company. Usually, this information is provided in an orientation brochure or the employment regulations. If you can't find the procedure immediately, ask your staffing consultant for guidance. Below are the most important steps:

  1. In the event of an accident in the workplace, ensure your own safety and seek help if necessary. The company you are working for should provide first aid.
  2. Notify the staffing agency that employs you as soon as possible. They will explain what you need to do.
  3. Inform your supervisor as soon as possible.
  4. If necessary, visit a doctor and have them fill out the "first medical report" form.
  5. Stay accessible for any questions from the staffing agency and the insurer.
  6. Tip: If someone witnessed the accident, you have a witness. That person can provide information if the insurer has any questions. Make sure to note down their contact details.

In case of an accident during your commute to/from work: If you have an accident while commuting to work or from work to home, it can also be considered an occupational accident. The steps are the same as mentioned above, with a few additions:

  1. If there are witnesses, try to gather their contact information.
  2. If an accident report (PV - Proces-Verbal) was created, include that as well.
  3. Try to take photos of the accident scene and circumstances.

What happens next?

Once the staffing agency has reported the occupational accident to the insurer, the insurer will investigate whether it qualifies as an occupational accident. If it does, your medical expenses will be reimbursed, and your wages will be paid until the end of your contract.

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