What do I put on my CV if I don't have a lot of experience yet?

Scary, isn't it, to be thrown onto the labor market without experience? Fortunately, you have more experience than you think, and a lot more assets than you imagine!

Think of your soft skills. These are skills that are crucial in the workplace, but that don't require any experience or diploma's. Being on time is a soft skill, and so are verbal communication and taking initiative. On Testyourselfie.eu you'll find 7 of the soft skills employers find most important when screening a candidate or potential new coworker.

Apart from your soft skills it's good to dig for inspiration in your hobbies, student jobs, or even projects you did for school. I'm sure you've learned a lot from those too. For example, on the football field you learn how to work in a team, in a youth movement you learn to organise,...

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